Trials & Hearings

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia. I handle trials, hearings and appeals in a wide range of disability and injury matters. Should your case ultimately require representation in Federal Court, I can take it there.


Since graduating from law school and becoming admitted to the bar in 1992, I have handled many, many trials, hearings and appeals. This experience is important.

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I have decades of experience handling hearings and appeals. This includes not only the Social Security Administration's system, but within the Federal courts as well. This is important in the event that your case requires that an appeal against the Social Security Administration be brought in Federal court.


A wide breadth of knowledge across the law that applies to disability is important. I am familiar with that body of law. I also have a solid knowledge not only of the common disabling conditions, but also many, many uncommon conditions. I specialize in putting this all together into a solid, provable case for us to present before the Judge.