Disability Representation

Unlike some who advertise, I am a local attorney. You can make an appointment to come see me whenever its convenient. If you prefer, we can do everything by telephone or video conference (except, of course, the Hearing). We will meet and prepare at least a couple of times before the Hearing to make sure you are fully ready, know what to expect, and know how to handle yourself.

Your Benefits

You've paid into the system with every paycheck that had taxes taken out. Social Security has taken its share every time. Now that your ill or injured, and your doctor agrees that you cannot return to work, it's time for your benefits to be approved.

Hire a Lawyer

Pick up the phone, and call me. Obviously I want to represent people (it's my job), but I am willing to meet with you for free, just to talk about your case, how strong it is, what can be done to make it stronger, and what you can expect from the process.

Attorney Fees

I get paid only when we win your case. And my fees are closely regulated by Social Security. I limit my fee to no more than 25% of past due benefits; I never charge a fee on your continuing monthly benefits after we win; and my fee is capped at $6,000.

Fighting the Appeal

Call for an appointment or appeal packet, while there's still time remaining after your denial. There's no reason to give in, and no reason to appear without an attorney at your side.

Don't Give Up

Don't give up! The process can be overwhelming, and it's frustrating when you know you cannot work and your claim for disability is initially denied. It's a government bureaucracy, and the process is usually long and tedious-but you can win. Call me: 233-1272. Even if you don't hire me, I'm willing to meet with you and talk about your case and what to expect.

Remember, though-you only have a limited time to appeal. We know the process. We will file for reconsideration, for a hearing if necessary, and for an appeal to the Social Security Appeals Council. If you have a solid case but Social Security still denies you every step of the way, we will appeal in Federal Court and make your case there.

And if Social Security has already scheduled your Hearing date, it's very important to be prepared. All the records Social Security has on you should be reviewed. Evidence that is bad for your case must be countered. Favorable evidence that is missing from the record must be presented into evidence. And the Judge must be briefed on both the medical evidence in your case, and the particular part of the social security law that applies to your case and authorizes a decision in your favor.

If you skip any of these steps, or can't do them, then your case will likely be fatally weakened.

For this reason, even if it's not me, I encourage you to get legal representation from someone. I'm not the only good disability lawyer in this area, and you should have quality representation to increase your odds of a favorable decision.

Types of Disabilities

There is probably no limit to the illnesses and injuries that can disable someone. But a number of conditions show up repeatedly. Here are descriptions of those, and how to win on them.

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Denials and Appeals

The Social Security Administration denies most claims. Fortunately, that does not have to be the end of the road: You have a right to appeal. You have the right to request a Hearing before a Judge. It is at this hearing that we have the opportunity to make our case to someone who has the knowledge, authority and discretion to look at your whole case.

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Disability lawyers are not a legal requirement for an appeal. You always have the legal righ to represent yourself. However, all the data indicates that disability lawyers significantly improve the odds of winning. Disability lawyers make the greatest impact at the Hearing phase of the appeal (when your case is presented before a Judge).